TBC - Prot Pala SP?

Is there an option that we could add to require x amount of spellpower in the customize section when looking for bis, upgrades etc.

Currently there are options for resistance numbers, spell hit, crit immune crush immune etc… But for prot pala we’re more the aoe tanks and the current optimization has it much more single target focus is seems

Phase 1 bis for example has you having 94 sp, thats really low if your going to be aoe tanking and would hope that would be fixed especially in later phases when it becomes even more important

If you want to gear for more damage, use the gearing strategy (step 1 in the setup). Click on the gearing strategy and move the slider more towards DPS. Keep doing that until you start to get a level of offense you want to have.

My paladin is still crushable with both ticked


seems kinda broken, also helmet enchants showing for shields

No your not understanding what im saying. Spellpower = more consecration threat.

The way you factor it right now is you are weighting it to be agility, str, ap focused while also getting the defense attributes as a sliding scale between tough and dps.

What im asking for is an ability to weight SP higher or to force a minimum stat under the customize section of say 300 sp or whatever i want when factoring BIS list updates etc.

I can’t load that snapshot - please make your own thread for your issue and try reloading the site and making a snapshot again.

I understand what you are saying. If you move the slider more towards damage, it gets a lot of spell power. The main sources of damage in the calculations for prot paladin are auto attacks, sotr, and consecration. Spell power will be the best way to get more damage/threat.

Here is a phase 1 BiS with the slider moved more towards damage: 24f0e747ec764cb2a2a7c476094d8f9c