TBC Prot Warrior BiS Defense being calculated incorrectly - too low in AMR

I kept trying to figure out why AMR for TBC was suggesting + Defense Enchant to Bracers as well as gemming for +Defense > for TBC Classic for BiS Protection Warrior. It does not seem to be calculating Defense / Defense Rating Correctly.
AMR says in my current gear I have only 131 Defense (but 263 Rating with +5.24% to Dodge/Block/Parry) - When in Game I have 465 Defense (370+95) at 227 Defense Rating with +4.60% to Dodge/Block/Parry.

I am a Troll Protection Warrior. I believe even my base Defense is 370, WAY higher than 152 Defense.
AMR shows my Defense WAY too low and my rating a little too high.

We are showing how much you get on top of the base 350. We can change it to add the base 350 to the total if that confuses people.

I appreciate your reply but it still doesn’t make sense - I believe I am at 465 defense, correctly showing in game. However, the numbers don’t add up correctly for AMR.

370+131 would be 501? Defense, way over the 490 cap … when I am below cap at 465. And then I would definitely NOT want to gem for Defense, definitely want fortitude over defense to bracers enchant.

I very strongly suspect that while you may add defense over base, there are obviously issues with the way it is calculated and suggestions made for BiS.

As yellowfive said, the base defense value for a level 70 character is 350 (level * 5) not 370. An additional 20 points of defense skill can be added through talents and will be included in the amount gained from items, talents, etc. - not the base value.
AMR already changed the display to show the total defense skill, so that shouldn’t be confusing any more.

Being a warrior myself I haven’t been able to find any error with defense calculations on AMR myself - the website always matched up perfectly with ingame values.
You could create a snapshot ID by clicking the green “Help” above Best in Bags to share a copy of your exact setup to have someone else take a look at that.

Yeah – if you give a snapshot of a specific example, me or someone else here can take a look and figure out if something isn’t adding up properly.