TBC - question about expertise

Paladin community is quite confused by lack of expertise items in phase 1 for retribution in result like that one:

According to our fresh calculations, expertise is one of the most valuable stat for us together with hit and avoiding them is huge dps drop even, if item overall doesn’t look fine with amount of ap + crit. For example on Pride’s gear sim there is no chance that Grips of Deftness can’t be a bis in p1.

Pride’s stat values in p1 (i know that you don’t like things like that)

Can you share with us your decision or method, that diminishes value of expertise?

I’m not sure I’m going to have a satisfactory answer for you. We certainly calculate the chance to miss+dodge as part of the model for the spec. I tried putting on those Grips of Deftness as a test… they just don’t end up giving you as much damage, on average.

I know people really don’t like attacks being avoided, but I’m not seeing the math back up expertise being so good that you should drop a lot of stats to get it.