TBC - question about proc effects

I noticed that all proc effects from enchants and items are very low valued compared to data gathered by community since last weeks. Did you have own database for it? Did you use addon to gather info about proc rate, uptime ect?

You’ll have to give me some specific examples. We are using the proc rates that we could find out there on the internet and old threads, etc.

the biggest question we have around:

With P1 BiS created by community, then procs should:

  • Weapon enchant - Mongoose - 47,20% uptime with twisting
  • Despair - 2.73 ppm with twisting
  • Lionheart - 34,67% uptime with twisting
  • Doomplate 4-set - 19,17% uptime with twisting
  • Libram of Avengement - 55,55% uptime with twisitng
  • Hourglass of the Unraveller - 12,29% uptime with twisting
  • Dragonspine Trophy - 22,99% uptime with twisitng

Probably they have different results by different proc rates. On Baranor’s sim there is no possibility, that Iron Counterweight can be over Mongoose just by high uptime of Mongoose on Retribution. Difference in total dps done with different enchants is more than 1.5%. They have a big discrepancy

Sadly you haven’t option to simulate dps for Classic like in Shadowlands, so we can’t compare our data with your one and compare rotations, methods ect.

you are surrounded by an aura of mystery, which looks bad when your results differ from other sources.

We can go through and adjust some of these proc item uptimes based on log data now that there is enough data to start verifying a few of these numbers.

The problem with classic and TBC is that the differences between items, enchants, gems, etc. are TINY. Even the smallest difference in assumption can totally change the order things show up in ranked lists.

The difference between mongoose and iron counterweight is really over-stated, btw. With a 50% uptime on mongoose, you are comparing 60 agil (2.4% crit) and 1% attack speed to 1.27% haste. The max difference between those is 1% damage, but it’s probably less than that. Impossible to tell in-game.

I have no problem updating stuff based on testing and log data - it’s no big deal to me. I wouldn’t mind if people would just tone things down a little bit though - none of these things are big issues with the optimizer or calculations. They are minutia that we can tweak over the next week.

there is a link to Baranor’s sheet for ret. When you make a copy you can edit it (mostly to change values in “Main” label)

There is a label called Procs, where we have saved PPM and calculations based on community logs. (i’m not able to understand everything inside it). For more details ask Pride#2463 on discord

I compared Iron Counterweight and Minor Haste by edit my copy, because Baranor removed them as not even viable.

Ret has issue with calculation it, because both whites and SoC can trigger procs like:
White triggered SoB and SoC, so SoC triggered additional SoB in that swing ect

Include other procs we can make really scary chains of procs every twist. So just from that point of view people may think, that proc items are very valuable.