TBC ranged weapon scope

In TBC you can “enchant” your ranged weapon with a scope. Why doesn’t AMR show scopes among the right enchants to pick?

What spec are you looking at? When I look at e.g. a hunter, i see a list of scopes, and the optimizer picks one for me.

I’m a protection warrior. Someone told me you can get a +crit scope on a ranged weapon.

Just checked AH and it’s a bit too expensive, but it seems possible. Link to the scope: Stabilized Eternium Scope - Item - TBC Classic

Scopes only affect ranged attacks, so we don’t show them as options for melee specs.

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Thanks, that makes sense! If you read it carefully it says “its critical strike rating”, not the players. Good news, given how expensive they are!

Yeah the wording on the scopes is not very good and has led to a lot of confusion over the years. If you look in the actual spell data extracted from the game client though, it only gives ranged critical strike rating.