TBC shadow destro lock being recommended fire spellpower items

Item in mind is kara belt Inferno Waist Cord


The way the calculation works for warlocks is that it calculates the damage you would do with incinerate as your filler and shadow bolt, then picks the one that does more damage. If that item is an upgrade, that means that using it, and using incinerate (and sac’ing imp instead of succubus), will do more damage.

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Ok is there a way to set I want shadow destro only? How do I know towards which filler amr suggests the items? With Fire spell damage and shadow its obvious but what about neutral items? Icy Veins suggests different values for shadow and fire destro lock

I thought a lot about this when I was making the scoring function… it seemed to me that it makes the most sense to always use whatever does the most damage. In your case, the most sensible thing to do would be to take the talent points out of Emberstorm and put them into Cataclysm. That will make you do more damage with shadow bolt as the filler.

Weel warlock benefits from being in a raid with other 3 warlocks with the SB debuff which I guess the calculation doesn’t involve. Either way, it should be up to me to choose which filler I want to use and at the moment it doesn’t even tell me which one I’m gearing towards which is the main issue here. Look here’s an upgrade from a dungeon 0.08% upgrade. Oh but wait, is it for shadow or fire? ^^I did change talents as you suggested but the fire item is still there ofc, just somewhat lower weighted.

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I can change it to a setting… just seemed cooler to figure out which filler was actually better. Maybe I can get it to output which filler to use on the UI somewhere. I’ll think about it some more next week and come up with something to clarify it.

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Have you looked into this yet @Swol ?

Fire is suppose to be superior to Shadow in phase 1.

I will add a setting to let people pick, just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Only if you have a fire mage, and not made frozen shadowweave set mate. So it really depends

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Something feels off. Going through the raid buffs and removing imp scorch/adding shadow related raid debuffs, still selecting fire over shadow which to best of my knowledge, isn’t the case. It also was taking me down from 13.2% hit to 10% hit prior to me setting a minimum hit threshold, and selecting shadow gear. After setting the hit threshold to 13% (with totem of wrath checked), it again went back to fire gear, with 15% hit.

Results seem very different than the community accepted simulation from jpaint, and again seems fire is only better if you have a fire mage, or have no shadow priest.

edit: looking at the bis recommendation for this phase, still running spellstrike helm instead of t4 with csd. Given the other strange suggestions such as gemming 2% over hit cap, going to assume whatever is being used to calculate these suggestions is just outright wrong.

We need you to post specific examples for us to give you any further feedback. I have not seen a case where it tries to go over the hit cap. Staying below the hit cap is not necessarily a bad thing.

I have an update coming out that will change the shadow bolt/incinerate choice to a user setting instead of automatically assuming the higher DPS option is chosen.

I updated the site with a “Use Incinerate” option for warlocks. It defaults to false, you can turn it on to switch to using incinerate.