TBC suggested unique gems issue

So the problem I see here is that when I check the unique gems allowed, one-time Nightbane quest reward gems are suggested and of course there is no way to get a second one on the way.

This is the quest in mind and 3 gems I’m talking about.

Nightbane - Quest - TBC Classic (wowhead.com)

While they are unique, it’s not like you can farm them the way you can get the gems from heroics or the ones you can buy for the honour currency. I guess someone would argue with me these should stay, but it feels they are so unique one-time use, they should be not supported (or if you really want, supported via another checkbox which I personally feel like is unnecessary).

PS. I just went to Kalynna Lathred, just in case there’s something I’m not seeing and no, it’s not repeatable.

Could you post a snapshot where it is choosing more than one of these gems? Instructions on how to do that here:


3rd gem in chest piece

Oh to clarify, it does not choose more than one of those gems but once you put it in your gear and then it suggests you put it elsewhere you can’t. So unless you go for BiS list from the start and put it exactly when you want for the rest of Phase 1 you are screwd and cant really do anything about it. And AMR will keep telling you the “best combination” with unique gems you can’t achieve anymore.

I see. Yeah it would probably be best to just exclude those gems from optimization entirely.

Exactly what I tried to say in first post :slight_smile: