TBC uncommon gems recommended that arent in game yet


Design: Veiled Flame Spessarite seems to be connected to Ogrila that isn’t in game yet (unlike the rare quality veiled gem) I bet there is more on the list than this one.

Source? Well, I’ve never seen this one and I’ve been checking AH for a week frequently now.

And also comment from tbc.wowhead:

It appears this recipe is not out yet for TBC Classic. The location of the mobs listed here that drop this are labeled as “unknown”. But I think it’s in the area of where we turn this quest in Ogre Heaven. Which also cannot be turned in in phase 1.

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People on PTR confirmed it btw, this stuff isnt P1

Now that I’m thinking about it, in rep upgrade im getting this:

Crystal Orb of Enlightenment
Ogri’la - Exalted

That stuff isnt added yet cause of Ogrila is it ? Should be P2

I can go through and adjust the release phase on some of these items. It’s difficult to find comprehensive information for release phases.

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So based on this blue post ogrila and shatari skyguard rep reward is P2, not P3.
Meaning Shatari is correct atm, Ogrila is not as its set for P3 on amr

OK, we can update those.


Hello, looking at the BiS, Dreamcrystal Band is being recommended. That is Phase 2 Ogri’la apex crystal item tho, isn’t it? Being recommended with P1 filter on. I’m just putting it here instead of making a million threads :slight_smile:

Same with Band of Frigid Elements from Anzu (isn’t that the boss thats being added to HC SH in P2 for epic druid flight form?

Dark Iron Smoking Pipe is set for P1 atm but we know now for sure it’s P2 as brew festival starts 5 days after P2 aka Sep 15th and Sep 20th.

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