TBC Warrior Optimization Seems Really Wrong

I have tried optimizing my fury warrior character for TBC, But it seems really wrong how Ask Mr Robot has prioritised stats. It is very heavily putting haste gear and enchants as the most important stat. Have i got it setup wrong or something else?

I can’t say for sure unless you link me a snapshot id so that I can see what you are seeing. Use the help link just above the gear table in the optimizer - that has a button to generate the snapshot and post it here.


I don’t see anything wrong with this optimization. The optimizer does like haste for this build, but I don’t see any issues with the calculations. I’ve gone over the warrior calculations for TBC so many times… I’m fairly confident I’ve worked out all the bugs. Haste has a very non-intuitive interaction with so many abilities - it is hard to really tell if it’s good or not without doing calculations.

As a side note: Your build is more of a burst damage/cooldown-focused build, so you might want to artificially optimize for a shorter fight length to get gear that aligns with the strength of the build.

Well thats interesting you say that, Cause it goes against what all other guides recommend for Bis. i even loaded this into another sim and it comes out a fair bit lower dps than my current setup. I can see that its a burst setup for boss fights but Is haste so much better than ARP?

It is really hard for me to say for sure. All I can say is that I’ve gone over the calculations so many times… I’m pretty confident they are working well.

In TBC, it’s hard to say, empirically, which builds are better once you get within a certain threshold of what would theoretically be optimal. The margins are so small. It’s basically impossible, mathematically, to “prove” that one build is better than another with in-game data. You’d have to do hundreds of nearly identical trials in-game to be able to say that. We never have the chance to play the game enough to overcome expected variance.

Deciding whether or not haste is better than ARP is a great example of why gear design in TBC (and really all of WoW) is not very good. There is absolutely no way that you could determine, in game, which stat is better. I have created a mathematical model that thinks haste would work out better for you. Someone else created a mathematical model/simulator that thinks ARP would work out better for you. Who is right? I couldn’t say for sure unless I went through this other model’s code line by line. All I can say is that I trust my calculations because I have gone through them so many times and feel good about them.

Haste is by far the most difficult stat to deal with in a mathematical model of the game. The addition of a lot of haste was really the turning point to where the game became significantly more opaque from a gear perspective.