TBC Warrior Tank Weapon Enchant

I don’t see Crusader in the list for options on 1 handed weapon enchants anymore. I don’t want to spend the mats on Mongoose yet and though Crusader would be a good cheaper alternative. Is it not anymore? I am looking to enchant my Latro’s Shifting Sword on my 70 Warrior.


We typically only include enchants from the current expansion in our optimizers. If you want to use an older enchant like Crusader, you can just go ahead and do that and ignore the mongoose recommendation. Enchants typically won’t cause any of the other gear recommendations to change.

Where would crusader land as a dps increase in relation to the current enchants?

It’s not that good because it gets reduced effect above player level 60. You would be better off with one of the straight strength enchants as a cheaper option.