TBC - Weapons missing from the Best in Bags list

I’m a completist. When it comes to weapons training, I rotate through every weapon type my character can use. Naturally the Best in Bags tool defaults to the best combination which happens to be a 1H axe and a held in hand item. If I click on the 1H axe, AMR shows the ranking for my dagger and my 1H mace. In addition, it shows my fishing poles and my skinning knife. However, all 2H weapons are missing.

When I exclude my 1H weapons in an attempt to get AMR to rank my 2H weapons, it lists my Strong Fishing Pole as my best in bag. My 2H maces, 2h axes, and staves are not listed at all even though they are significantly better than the fishing pole. I’ve even tried using the AMR export function with one of my 2H weapons equipped. When I do this, AMR shows that the weapon slot is empty.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: The character experiencing this is an enhancement shaman. I have not checked any other classes for this phenomenon.

We don’t really support enhancement optimization for two handers - the scoring function assumes you will be dual-wielding.

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