TBC: Why are you recommending Spell Power for BM Hunters?

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The Find Upgrades feature is saying that my best melee upgrade in non-heroic dungeons will be the two-handed healing staff Epoch-Mender which has zero of the top six most important stats for hunters:

0 Hit Rating
0 Haste
0 Agility
0 Crit Rating
0 Attack Power
0 Armor Penetration

Most of the other items on the list also appear to be caster gear. What is going on?

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This happens when you don’t have enough mana to keep using abilities for your specified fight length.

You should select some mana consumables like mana potion, and/or reduce the fight length. Then you’ll get the results that you expect.

That said, the result you are seeing is actually correct, even though it’s weird. Running out of mana and sitting there doing nothing really hurts your damage, more so than losing out on some stats. You’re also not max level yet and in pretty low level gear, which compounds any mana related problems.

This makes perfect sense. Thanks so much for the detailed reply!