TBC/WOTLK addon and progression servers

Hi. Not sure where to post this so move if needed but buying the TBC classic addon made sense when they had classic era and TBC realms. However, the TBC realms became progression realms and no refund for TBC addon is available. Why can’t we progress with the wrath addon instead of buying again? Or, if I buy wrath addon today, what happens when cata comes out in early 2024? Will I have to buy again? Why not just raise your monthly plans a bit and keep providing classic service as well as retail service instead of having us waste money on 1 time lifetime offers when the lifetime is actually less than 2 years? Or why should I pay a subscription on top of my one time fee? I’m paying double when I lose value as an expansion rolls over.

The classic versions of the site are niche products for us. Not that many people who use the website use those versions compared to retail.

Our blog is a bit out of date (still on my list to get it back up to date, hah!) but there is an article we wrote which explains the logic behind the pricing of the classic versions of the site:

We had a version of the site back when Cataclysm was out… but I don’t think players would be satisfied with how it was back then. We couldn’t just pull out the old code and slap it up on the site. That was back when everyone simply used stat weights to optimize gear. We will have to write new scoring functions for every spec for a Cata version of the site.