Team optimizer coming back?

On the blog post last year it was said that perhaps it was making a comeback for the new expansion. Is that going to be the case or is it gone for good :(?

With the removal of Master Loot, the Team Optimizer idea might not be as useful as it once was.

What do you envision the main function of the Team Optimizer being in BfA? Telling people what items to trade to other raid members when possible? (That could pose challenges because I don’t know if the addon can see if an item was gained via bonus roll or not.)

Some other sort of whole team-oriented optimization is certainly something that we’d still have interest in if the demand was there.

Me and a couple of friends are coming back to BfA and was looking forward that some kind of team-oriented optimization would be back in AMR at the time of raiding in BfA.

Just so you know that there are some people out there looking for this kind of thing. :slight_smile:

We will keep it in mind - if you and your friends wanted to share some feedback as to what kind of optimization you are looking for, that is always helpful.

Optimizing more than one character at a time is also pretty expensive from a processing standpoint, so we’d have to examine the feasibility of any ideas we come up with.

The way me and some friends have been doing it right now is loading up each character in AMR on separate tabs and when an item drop look at the score column in Upgrade Finder for each tab. Whoever has the highest score gets the item. I’m sure better team optimization could be made, but this is more then enough for us. So if there could be a page where I just could add each raid member and type in an item name and that single page tells me who has the highest score so would it be great.

Yeah something like that could be good for deciding who to trade an item to.

There is also a whole spreadsheet designed to help raid leaders understand whats the individual item level of their raid team, who in their raids, have the right gems, enchants, etc…

that should be something that could be pulled easily - not as part of the raid process itself, but to help organize, and help the raid team understand when something isn’t quite right.

would be nice if there was a basic sim - lets say a medium level player on heroic world breaker type sim in current gear to help measure what should be expected from a given talent/gear set up