Team Optimizer Feedback

For the time being, we are disabling the Team Optimizer. (If it isn’t disabled as of this post, it will be within a day or two.)

The Team Optimizer was a cool feature when it was originally created and implemented a couple expansions ago. But with the way loot has changed in Legion (titanforging system, legendaries, the crucible), the “gearing problem” has become both more complex and more “grey” (there isn’t a fixed “best in slot” list anymore really).

This makes the current Team Optimizer design both less useful and much slower than it was originally. At this point, it really needs a complete overhaul. Not just a couple performance tweaks or minor UI features – the whole thing needs to be redesigned from scratch to fit the new gear meta-game.

#When will it be back?
We have no ETA right now – there are several other features in the works (some more optimizer features, lots of work on Antorus, some new addon features, etc.) that we consider a higher priority. Most likely it will make a comeback for the next expansion.

#What if this was the main reason I had a premium account?
If your main reason for having an AMR premium account is to use the Team Optimizer, contact us via our contact form:

Please describe your situation to us, and we will happily issue full or partial refunds depending on your case.

#We want feedback!
We don’t have a specific set of features for the next version to share with you right now, but we definitely want the feedback of people who have been using it. Is there anything that you really liked about it? Anything that you would really like to see added into a new version of a similar feature? Now is the best time to give feedback, before we start working on the next version!

Sad to see it disabled for the time being. This was a major feature I really was looking for once I got around to having my own guild. The loot distribution idea of Team Optimizer fits perfectly in my philosophy of gearing up members in a guild.

I’m looking forward to when it will be back again. Maybe by then I will have my own guild. :slight_smile:

Yeah we got a lot of use out of it in WoD. We’ve been doing mostly personal loot in Legion, and I wanted to add some features to support that too, e.g. when/if I should trade something I got to another person.

One of my main design goals for the next version is to make it clearer to people that there is not just one final answer when a piece of loot drops, and too bad if you aren’t the guy on the top of the list. Many times when loot drops, it’s fine to say “it doesn’t really matter which of these 4 people you give it to – your team’s gear progression won’t be slowed no matter who gets it in this case.”

In general, we’re working on phasing out this very “absolute” perspective on gearing (there is ONE best set of gear/talents/whatever and if you don’t use it you are wrong and suck), and show people that many viable options exist, and quantify those options so that they can make easy and confident choices.

Sad to see it going away for now, we’ve used it in our guild for… well, literally since it came out. I do agree that it could use an overhaul, as the game has changed a lot since it came out.

The main problem we had with it, was people rolling on tier tokens hoping for a warforge, which wasn’t easy to handle. We had to set up a set of rules (Need if you don’t have it, greed for a luck roll, etc) for people on how to deal with those.

Is there any chance to get a simple carry-over system? Something that just returns ‘0% upgrade’ for everyone, so we can still use the addon, but there’s no logic left behind it? Kinda left us scrambling to find a new system to use for distributing loots now :frowning:

Can we get an update for the addon so that it atleast shows who it is an ilvl upgrade for and handles the loot rolling? All my guildies already have the addon and it is super useful for having the loot rolling go faster and showing when people pass.