Tell me to cleanse my gear?

Is there a option to have AMR to tell me to cleanse my corrupted gear as a possible upgrade?

Not yet - we’re giving thought to how to implement some sort of feature to help people with that. It’s… complicated.

An idea is to duplicate every corrupted item but cleansed and then run BiB on that item set, wont that work?

Something like that is what we would do, but it’s not that simple. We’re going to try and design something that can give you enough information to make a choice on whether to cleanse an item or not. A few questions that would arise from that scenario:

  1. What if it would only be worth cleansing an item if you also cleansed another item… how do you indicate that?
  2. What if cleansing an item would be a tiny upgrade for my top-priority setup, but not cleansing it would be a huge upgrade for a lower priority setup… do I cleanse it or not?
  3. What if cleansing an item is a small upgrade now, but not cleansing it would be a bigger upgrade later once I have more corruption resistance?

Honestly… to cleanse or not to cleanse is an annoyingly complicated decision. We’re going to try and keep it simple without getting bogged down in too many of the details though.