Test Combinations takes up to 10x longer then just a couple weeks ago

I have been using AMR for years. I use Test Combinations often with millions of combinations run just this expansion. Doing 30-40k combinations on Max performance used to take 2-4 hours. Small sims like 2-7k took less then an hour. However about 2 weeks ago I started having issues with “The given key was not present” error. This was fixed in a client update. Since then however Test Combinations has been taking far FAR longer to do the same amount of combinations.
I benchmarked my PC’s CPU to make sure it wasn’t my system slowing down and it isn’t. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the client to see if that might fix the issue. It didn’t. So now I am asking here.
With Test Combinations taking so long even for small sets of 1-3k it makes that feature far less useful.

Whatever the issue is, thanks ahead of time for this great tool and your help.

I would need a link to a report with an example that is running more slowly than before. Some mechanics or rotation logic can run much slower than others – maybe something changed since the last time you ran it.

Here is a link to a sim I am currently running.

Resto druid are probably the slowest spec to simulate… they are very touchy at times, any small change can cause big slowdown in the simulator.

I can put it on my list to take a look and see if some rotation or spell tweak made recently is chugging more than it should.

Thank you for your response.
As I said, I have done a LOT of simming with my druid for resto,balance and guardian (love this tool!) and it is only in the last few weeks that the massive slowdown happened for any of those I Test combinations. Single sim seems to be just as fast, BiB all of the other stuff seems just as fast as always. Only the Test Combinations is massively slowed down.

Do you notice it for just restoration, or other specs too?

I have also felt like there was a slowdown when simming resto druid in the past couple weeks, but I thought it was just my perception. No change in other specs that I’ve noticed.

I posted an updated resto druid rotation last night - i don’t know if there is potential for it to help or not, but you could try it out.

Ok so I just tested the times. I have always simmed my Mythic healing at 240 seconds. Before that was not much of an issue. Times were not that long. Now though I just did the same exact sim with all the same exact variable accept times. One I set to 240 seconds one set to 100 seconds. The 240 second sim took 32.4 hours. The 100 second time sim took only about 4 hours.

I see - yeah, with the way the mythic+ sim is set up… increasing the fight length to 240 seconds is going to end up with everyone dying. You will probably have to reduce the npc damage multiplier a lot to do a simulation that long. Lots of dying ends up with extremely volatile results that requires a ton of iterations to achieve the margin of error.

I don’t think I’m making myself clear. I have been using 240 seconds for a very long time on Mythic+. Always before the sims took way way less time to run at 240 seconds. Also update the one at 100 seconds says 4 hours but has been running since I posted last so over 6 hours and it still says 4 hours and is stil at 50%. So yeah… The time thing actually doesn’t seem to matter to much I guess.

You suggestion about the Damage multiplier though, maybe thats it. I did recently up that from +15 to +20 to make sure I was seeing my max healing potential. I will try reducing that and see if that changes it.

Ok so now I have tried time variations of default time to 240 seconds. I have tried .5% error target to “Quick run”. I’ve tried +15 to +20 on the NPC dmg modifier. And I have tried all of these variables together. While it does affect the time , the time to sim is still far far longer then the dozens and dozens of sims of similar setup numbers with the same variables I have always used before a few weeks ago.

can you link one of the simulations you are doing? Like, a single run, not the batch. I want to see what setup you are basing things off of. My best guess is that the batch of simulations you are running includes some setups where your character can’t handle the healing load, which is then causing the simulation time to skyrocket.

When they released the new mythic+ season we increased the damage in the scripts accordingly, so maybe the change you are seeing is because of that.

Here is a single sim with my current M+ healing setup using the sim settings I usually use. NOTE: When running this as a single sim it returns the results as fast as normal. When using these same exact settings but to test combinations the time is far longer then it ever used to be for similar number of setups.


Ok, this base setup looks fine. My guess is that when you run your batch, some of the setups you are testing are significantly worse than this setup, to the point that the simulation gets really volatile (lots of deaths). Can you think of any setup you are trying that would be way worse than this?

No. I am only testing combinations of gear that have a chance of being better then what I am using. Also I would just like to reiterate that I have been doing this same exact sort of setups and variables for dozens and dozens of setup combinations since the beginning of the Expansion all with around the same or even more setup combinations all with the same variables besides gear and it is only the the past few weeks the massive slowdown has occurred.

Do you have a link to one of your latest batches? When I look at the batch you linked up above in the thread, the Ally Deaths on those setups were extremely high - like all higher than 28.

It really seems like something in your batch setup is creating simulations that have too much damage for the gear.

I am doing that on purpose. I want to see the maximum theoretical healing output so I am using a high M+ modifier. I have always been doing that. However when you suggested that might be the case earlier in this convo, I ran a sim with a lower modifier with only 0.28 ally deaths but that still took over 30 hours to run. I will setup another one with a +15 modifier which my gear can handle so you can see.


Looks like you caught it just as I was updating the site earlier this afternoon… might need to re-run that one.