Test for upgrades not in your bags?


I was wondering if there’s a way to test for an upgrade that is not in your bags. Let’s say someone in your raid gets a titanforged or socketed item and they don’t need it, and put it up for trade, is there any way to run a quick Best in Bags and tell whether or not that item is an upgrade so you know to /roll on it? Maybe something like alt-clicking the item in game would add it to your addon string, and when you paste it on the website it would consider that item for best in bags. Just a thought :slight_smile:

And yes I know you can set up pawn with stats weights, I’m thinking about trinkets and azerite armor, mostly. Also, one of the main reasons I use AMR, it lets you sim for things like healing, or tank survivability.

If you go into gear check, you should be able to open the gear picker on that slot. You can search for the piece of gear and change its warforge/other settings and hit apply. That’ll give you a ballpark look at whether it’s an upgrade or not. Best in bags works on a slightly different algorithm so there’s no guarantee that it’ll be an immediate upgrade, but it should give you an idea if it’s worth trying to get.

Yeah something that can do best in bags as if you owned an extra item that you are looking at in-game would be cool – it’s on the list of things to possibly add in the future.