The Bis list seems confused


I dont have heroic Anub selected but it suggests 258 gear off him and when I click heroic ten with the heroic ten tribute chest it suggest 258 weapons from the 25 tribute chest

I can move those weapons to the 10-man tribute chest.

Which items in particular from Anub’arak are showing up under the wrong difficulty?

Strength of nerub. I have heroic Anub 25 unchecked but it still says equip the 258 version

I also want to add if I ad any heroic 25 togc bosses it thinks I have the 258 tier, but that comes from the 25 tribute chest not the heroic bosses

I’ll update these in the next update – yeah seems just the item Strength of the Nerub had the wrong source (its opposite faction counterpart was fine, not sure how that one item got a different source).

Seems like all the set items were put in as just “zone drops” since there are multiple ways to get the tokens, but I’ll update the 258 tier items to only come from the 25 heroic tribute chest since that is the only source for those tokens.

Sorry I found another thing, it shows the 10 man tribute chest dropping 258 weapons

I can update those, looks like those 2 particular weapons got categorized with the wrong raid difficulty, the others seem fine.