The Crucible of Flame numbers, are they correct?

So yesterday, my fiance noticed that it was asking him to use the Crucible of Flame essence despite the fact that he doesn’t think it’s better - that’s the besides the point - he noticed that the numbers in the ‘minor’ part of the essence are over double what it says in the game! I checked today and it says the same for me. In your systems, it says that the major part of the essence will do 17k damage but in the game for my druid (same druid as the snapshot ID I’m posting at the end of this post), it says 21,8k. The minor also states 30k damage in your systems while in game it says 12,6k! I mean of course it will say ‘your’ version of the essence is better 'cause it does over double the damage it says in-game so I’m wondering which numbers to trust or if it’s just a “visual” error in your systems :slight_smile:

17da52401ab2498b8e4158b9bac28c70 <- snapshot ID from the BiB <- actual screenshot of what the essence says in your system <- actual screenshot of what the essence says in-game

We can take a look at the tooltips and see if we can get them to match up correctly with the game.

The simulator is using the correct values, which means that we are ranking it correctly based on the actual in-game damage. I double checked just to be sure - our values match up with what I see in the game.

Ah alright, so the simulator is using what I see in the game (so 12k in the minor) then? Good to know!

While I have you around, I found another bug in the BiB on my warrior. I just got a 440 weapon, while having a 415 ilvl one equipped, and it isn’t telling me to use the 440 weapon - but when I click to see the list of weapons, it does say it’s a 2,04% upgrade. Here’s the snapshot ID: 78364faaab2c437aabb939a368a8ef7d

This is a bit of a weird case… locking in that chest item combined with the 5% azerite threshold is causing the optimizer to not explore some solutions with the better weapon. Try lowering the azerite threshold a bit to 2.5% and then I think it will do more of what you expect.

Uhm locking the chest item shouldn’t have anything to do with the weapon though? Especially 'cause it is saying the weapon is better - it just won’t tell me to equip it. I mean it doesn’t matter in the end 'cause I already scrapped the old weapon, but just thought I’d report it since it’s most definitely a bug if you ask me :slight_smile: Locked chest item or not :wink:

It’s not possible to explore every single combination of items, so we have to use an algorithm that narrows down the problem and explores a subset of all the item combos. It isn’t a 100% chance to find “the” best answer, but it usually does or will find one that is very close.

In your case, you are at the edge of the item level for which we have data, which introduces more margin of error. On top of that, the options introduce another variable that changes how the algorithm guesses which combos to score. Every item you lock and setting you pick affects everything - it is all interconnected. I know it’s not intuitive that locking a chest could cause a certain weapon not to be considered… but it can happen!

If this were to happen for a character in the item level range we’re most concerned with right now (450+), we’d consider it a “bug” that should be fixed. In this case… it’s probably not something we’re going to tweak. Any change to the algorithm affects everything - improving an edge case like this outside our targeted item level range could have adverse affects on optimizations inside the range.

I’ll see if I can fix the tooltip on the essence in the next update – sometimes it can be frustratingly difficult to get the spell tooltips to match up to what is seen in-game.

Also note that some tooltips in-game include certain multipliers, like versatility, whereas we typically do not include those on the website (in the display tooltip that is – in our simulator and optimizer we always account for everything).