The Darksoul setbonus

Hi i might have a problem with a similar set, the plate set “The Darksoul” as described in the thread for the bloodvine set. For my prot warrior amr suggest to wear the whole set, instead of “Pauldrons of Might” and “Flamewaker Legplates”. This might be correct, but it seems that the set bonus is still accounted. If i exlude one of the items (shoulder or leg) the pauldrons and the flamewaker are used.

Here is my snapshot:

I might not understand what you think the issue is here. The set bonus is enough to make the darksoul worth more than the other items, it seems. If you push the toughness slider all the way to DPS, then it doesn’t pick the darksoul set.

The differences are very small here, so you would be fine if you didn’t want to use darksoul, just exclude it like you did. I don’t think there is a problem with the calculation in the optimizer, though.

Oh sry i forgot to mention that i do not have blacksmithing, so i should not get the bonus. But in my opinion it seems that amr is adding the bonus, even if i choose other professions.

I did a small update today for the AQ release, which also tweaked these couple set bonuses that require a profession.

According to your snapshot, you are a blacksmith, but your skill isn’t high enough for this bonus. It should check the correct skill level now. (You may need to re-import for the change to go into effect.)