The gearing strategy for WarlockAffliction could not be found

Trying to use BIB this morning and getting the error that the strategy could not be found. I’ve tried swapping between single and multi target and creating a new setup. Both times I get the same error

Can you post a snapshot id? (Use the help link above the BiB gear table). I am able to optimize my affliction warlock, so this must be something specific to your case.


I tried an incognito Chrome browser window and it’s still failing sadly. I created a different spec, demonology, and set it as primary, that resolves ok. So it appears only warlock affliction is complaining for me.

MS Edge is giving me similar issue. So maybe something in my bags?

Yeah it seems to be stuck in some state not letting you optimize - we’ll debug it and figure out how to get it working again. Sorry about that. Patches are fun!

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Well, maybe it’s time to try destro again.

This is a problem caused by the talent change coming in 9.1 for affliction (removing dark caller, making it baseline, replacing with shadow embrace). It caused an incompatibility issue with the gearing strategy :frowning:

I think we have a temporary work around we can put up later today that will fix it until Tuesday.

Give it another try – it should work now.