The new site for bfa

i greatly dislike the new setup i want the old one back

This is actually the reason why I came into these forums, hopefully some moderators read this.
I am in LOVE with the new look and I am proud of the team for making such an investment and changing it to such a nice, clean look. As a software engineer I know the effort this takes and I hope it all goes well into integrating the new system with the new BfA mechanics. Best of luck and keep it up!

And to you, you suck. It looks great. Get over it and move on with your life.

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What exactly do you dislike with the new site?

Myself love the new design. It’s much more cleaner and I believe it’s easier to understand.

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the old site was easier to me

Can you list anything specific? “It’s different, I don’t like it” is extremely unhelpful.

I know what I don’t like. Why does it take multiple clicks just to do Best in Bags? You now have to click at least four different buttons just to get a Best in Bags analysis.

Well, yeah. You need to tell the site what you’re optimizing “best in bags” for.

On the previous version, you were still able to manipulate the item filters and what gear strategy you were using. It merely spit out the last settings you provided when you loaded the Best in Bags display. The main change here is that you’re setting that up front now.