The optimization took too long Gearing Strategy M+ but works fine on Raid strategy

Hi I am trying to use the Best in bag on a Elemental Shaman
it works fine on Raid Gearing strategy but i fails on M+ gearing strategy

here is a snapshot id

Thanks for the snapshot, we’ll take a look – another user posted a similar issue. When a new tier of gear comes out sometimes the increase in potential combinations can slow things down in unforeseen ways, so we need to dig into a few cases like this and see where we can modify the optimization algorithm to increase speed.

We posted an update just now that should help out quite a bit – we’re still working on some performance enhancements though. Speeding up the optimizer is one of the more difficult and time consuming tasks, so we wanted to get this temporary improvement out there while we work on a more in-depth approach to speeding up these slower specs.