The simulator says my dps should be much higher

I know i’m not the best player, and that’s why i use askmrrobot to help me know what to do and how to play. But in the content it says if your close to the dmg mark then to keep it up, but I can only do about 500 less dps 2.7 to 3.2k dps. Which doesn’t look like a lot on paper until I see that amr says thats the low end of the range. I have mapped my keys and gotten used to it, and against a target dummy I cannot hold anything above 3k for more then 2 minutes before i drop below with no recovery in sight.
The only reason i fan my frustrations is because I want to know if 500 dps difference is considered close or if I am just missing some mechanical technique that all mages should know. I just ask as someone who wants to join my guild in heroic raiding and not disappoint.
Otherwise, I love your product and it is so helpful! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry in advance, i don’t want to come off as condecending. I just like to do the best I can at games when possible and I feel like i’m doing all the right things.

I can’t say for sure without more information - if you link me the simulation you are comparing to, that would help.

If you are hitting a target dummy - keep in mind that you won’t have certain buffs that might be turned on by default in the simulations, so I’d want to check that first to see if it would account for some of the discrepancy.

So for the most part I tried to make sure that I used pots and food on the target dummy and also turned off buffs that i just dont naturally have.

I’d say if you are using all the same buffs and consumables… 500 DPS less is significant enough that you most likely have something you can improve noticeably improve on. That could be the rotation, or it could be an issue with leaving gaps between spells. Those are the most common issues.

If you log yourself attacking the target dummy, you could compare the results to the simulation results and see where the main differences are. For fire mages it often comes from slightly sub-optimal spell use during combustion. Even the slightest delay there makes a big difference since so much of your damage is loaded into that cooldown.

Okay! Is there a way to break the combat log down like in Warcraft logs? Thats usually how I look at logs.

The only reason i bring that up is it allows me to see the damage graph go up and down through out the fight. I can see on warcraft logs where i started to dip below the initicial 12 seconds of my Combustion where i sit around 5k dps then i drop off hard. I think my damage is dropping off AFTER I lose that buff and cant really recover after that point. So I guess that gives me a start to look what it does after that phase of my rotation.

Okay so after digging through it and seeing what I should be doing. I’m actually hitting the lower end of the error. Is that what its called. So if its 3k dps. With a error of 162 dps. I hit the lower end of that probably because i didn’t get as many crits as the average. So i feel good about that. Thank you for your help!