Theotar/Nadjia or Nadjia /Theotar for dual spec Pally

I have 2 Paladins that are dual spec. Ret first, Prot second. They are both basically the same with the exception being one has a bit higher iLvl and higher renown. I decided I would work on the Prot spec and wanted to choose the best Soulbind for that. I have been playing Ret and AMR said use Theotar and I was. But, today I ran into an issue of one character says use Theotar for Ret and Nadjia for Prot. The other character says exactly the opposite, use Nadjia for Ret and Theotar for Prot. I am totally confused at this point. I’m pretty sure I can’t make one soulbind work for both specs so what do I do at this point.

With different gear, renown, etc. available, the optimizer could come to different conclusions. I would just follow the suggestions for each character - they don’t both have to be built the same way! Sounds like this could be a good case to compare the two and then you could pick the one you ultimately like more.