There is something wrong with the web site

Over the past two or three weeks, I’ve been noticing an anomaly when importing data from the addon into the site. Before getting bogged down in the past, let me just explain what I am seeing right this minute.

My toon is 930 ilvl equipped. When I load the character in the main character page, it says that my ilvl is 928. When I hit the auto gem/enchant button, it goes to 930. Item level should not be affected by gems and enchants. But maybe I’m missing something here and it’d be great if I could get an explanation as to why this is happening. But this is the minor issue.

The major issue is that when I post my data from the in-game addon and use Best in Bags, It says that my item level is 903 and switching my gear will make me 903. Additionally, It says I should re-gem everything to my worst stats even though the stats bar graph at the top clearly lists them as my worst stats based on my gear.

So as you can see, something is wrong with the site, or something is wrong with me. If something is wrong with me, please call me out on it.

Barefite - Sargeras (US)

Can you post your export string from the addon? We need that to take a look at what the site is suggesting for you.

$55;US;Sargeras;Barefite;Love Tap;6;1;110;5:790,1:719;3;.s1;6;;;;;;.s2;7;;;;;;.s3;8;3123321;;;;;.s4;9;;;;;;.q3;128821s16b724x137492y-142z13662;1s17;5423s12b848b1956b45e5430;2504s14b-2966b965b1956b45;307s9b-114b171;431s2b-2073b170b81b1529x-20791e459;1584s5b-1775b1851b115;3100s11b-1996b1886b110e-459;4860s10b-2031b2031b34;3s1b-2060b1834b225;103s7b-2064b1840b224;1s3b-2064b2031b34;137s13b-2959b1205b1351b369b45x0;2298s6b-2001b132b104b1720b45x0;2229s15b-1762b1819e5;181s8b-2158b2056b82;.r;_;.inv;4306;2642;38626;3;1;1;7431;56108;1;0;0;5;1;1;1;0;1;1;0;5;119;1307;804;23;170;0;1706;1;417;141;1;305;617;62;701;0;16;0;529;341;0;1;20;1921;1;4;1;1;0;0;362;18;2222;1673;1300;1;199;2;1;3;0;313;7;3862b725x151012z-9;552b-3;2b1x7y-3928;240;0;0;0;0;1076;1;4;38;1;1;1;28;3560;2;1;1;4;10;3151b849b1937b19;62b-69b171x4503e5430;389b-2023b1730b173;212;2159;63;1;1;326;395;1018;556b-1978b1804b237;9b-2021b1785b78;1491;3364b-1913b1834b226;108b-2095b2061b36;5b-2092b1864b228;604b-2072b1844b236;3822;3;1;12;3;1;1;136;1;373;1;1;832;2;2;1;2$

Edit 1: On a side note, I see that some other people are having issues with Chrome. I wonder if my use of Chrome is a problem?

Edit 2: I have a theory that Armory Update is not taking into account my relic point choices. This is why my ilvl shows as 928 instead of 930 until I hit Auto Gem/Enchant. I have 3 points on all 3 relics and all are selected. Is this a limitation of updating from the Armory or is there a problem with that function?

The armory does not have any of the netherlight crucible information - you have to open up the crucible with the addon running and then use the addon export to get up to date character info on the site.