Thunderfury tooltip dps


The AMR tooltip for Thunderfury shows 41.8 dps, and does not show +16-30 Nature Damage.

The in-game tooltip for Thunderfury shows 53.9 dps, and shows +16-30 Nature Damage.

Is there a reason why these differ?

Yeah looks like that stat didn’t get parsed on the tooltip. The in-game tooltip includes the nature damage in the DPS number (16-30 damage with 1.9 speed weapon is ~12 DPS).

We’ll try to fix that in the next update. It shouldn’t really impact much though… if you have it, use it.


In the meantime though, I’m juggling between Thunderfury, Chromatically Tempered Sword and The Hungering Cold.

AMR currently suggesting CTS+THC but I’m wondering if the missing 12 dps from TF would impact this. Any thoughts?

It could make a little difference – we’re talking like 1% give or take though, at those gear levels.

The proc on TF chains, so the number of targets you are fighting can increase/decrease its value as well.