Tides Deck Mana Regeneration

Hello there ! Just a copy paste from the discussion on Discord because Forum is probably better for this.

After a discussion with ppl in my heal roster we were discussing about the “Tides Deck”; the mana trinket. It seems that AMR is ranking it too hight because the proc of mana is higher for AMR.

Healing from log Vectis MM duration 6min 44

Hit 316 times over an averrage of 316

Hit 223 for average of 449 (for a fight length of 404s = 6min44)

Mana :

11k provided from AMR

versus 3k45 from logs

My team mate have told me the trinket was nerf weeks ago. Could be it.

He is some sims :
and a log

I’ll dig through and find the scaling numbers. I think a few of the spell ids were missing from my program that checks for differences.

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Because it’s on this same subject i continue de comparaison.

To continue the discussion from this post about the darkmoon card:
Affix Weekly Change

I’ve only done two simulation but the cardmoon card is still on top of every trinket i own.
So the BiB shouldn’t select the darkmoon deck right ?

Also the value isn’t perfect but i guess it come from the RNG of the trinket :
https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/93bb55cd45834819877ea6dd6a56b71a (mana : 4042)
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/H3dGKTg6Ccf1ZyQt#fight=14&type=healing&source=3 (mana : 2988)