Tideskorn Leggings in Loot table

Noticed that Tideskorn Leggings are appearing as an upgrade for evoker but I don’t think they drop from Halls of Valor as they are a green item.

Noticed the Tideskorn Cinch isn’t on the loot table either. It’s another green item that Mr Robot thinks gets scaled up.

You have no idea how many Halls of Valor runs I have done this week! -_-

I can take a look tomorrow – we use the raw game data dungeon journal tables… but it wasn’t clear to me how they flagged some data as available in M+ or not. I thought I had it but then it filtered out way too much stuff, so we relaxed it… and apparently now it is including too much!

Hi again,

I’ve come back to humbly admit im an idiot, much to my surprise they dropped! 40 runs and I see them but Wowhead still doesn’t think they exist.

Cool – well I guess I can add them back! Yeah they show up as greens in the dungeon journal when M+ difficulty is chosen… so was really unclear to me whether they had M+ versions or not.