Titanforge not working for World Drop loot?

I may be doing something wrong here but I am not sure. Last week I was able to look at a piece of loot, such as the Tranquil Bough Hood, which can drop from Dresaron in DHT. It normally comes up as 880 loot. I was able to use the Titanforge 85 option to bump it up to 930. This way I could see the stats at 930.

However, now when I choose any Titanforge, the loot disappears as an option. It only shows up with no Titanforge as 880. It will not come up even with a search string.

Did something change or am I just not selecting the right options that I did last week?

Thanks in advance for any insight or help.

Is it possible you have some conflicting filters? One that comes to mind would be a max item level filter set accidentally.

That was a great idea and I thought that might have been it. Unfortunately it isnt. I can’t get it to raise over 880, I believe it is.

It is a bit aggravating because a couple weeks ago I was able to do it. Now it is just disappearing when I apply a Titanforge level filter or a Mythic + filter. So I can’t see the stats on an elevated piece.

It looks like something going on with the default warforged filter and world quest items… would have to dig into it deeper. There are a lot of different “base” versions for those items and the filtering is running into an issue.

For now you can get around the issue on an item-by-item basis by just modifying that specific item. Set the default warforged filter to none, find the item in question, and click the white triangle at the left. This expands options to modify it to any variation of that particular item.