Titantforged feature

When using upgrade finder, i kinda miss the titanforge option. Right now, when i search for upgrades where i should use my bonus rolls in raid, i get no result. I have all the base piece i want from heroic uldir on all bosses. But there certainly is bosses that are worth a reroll over others. Same for M+, i have most the top pieces for those slots so i don’t get many suggestions. I’m not stupid tho, i can somehow figure it out on my own, but i’m lazy. This is why i liked the upgrade finder being able to somehow weight my chances at wf/tf. If we were using same upgrade finder we had in legion, the bonus roll would still be suggesting something, wich is better than nothing xD Sorry for bad english, i hope it makes sense. I am at a point where i’m basically fishing for wf/tf only, i just miss the old lazy way of knowing where to focus my efforts ^^

We’re giving some thought to adding back in a feature that will do something like this. If you want to post your addon export string that you copy from game to the website, I could use it as a test case.