Too many setups (max 7 for Druid)


When I try to create 2 setups per spec on a druid (=total 8) I get the “Too many setups” error trying to create the 8th setup.

Most specs have a limit of 6. Druids have a limit of 7 (one setup per spec, plus three extras that can be whatever spec you want).

Thanks for the quick reply! 2 setups per spec would make sense. Usually it’s 1x Raid + 1x M+ per spec (or 1x WQ + 1x M+, or 1x Single + 1x Multi).

AMR also cannot discern between two setups of the same spec when using export it seems.

I’ve never had a problem with multiple setups per spec when exporting… each setup will appear in the addon with the label that you gave it. Could you describe the problem that you’re having in more detail?