Too much mastery?

hey there, AMR is suggesting this gear set for me which is resulting in me having 134% mastery. But this post is suggesting there’s no point in going over 126% in any stat. Can you help reconcile the two facts?


That post does not do a great job of explaining it – in your snapshot, you do not have enough mastery for diminishing returns to even start kicking in.

If you hover over Mastery on our website, it will show you the total rating that you have, in this case 4219.

The conversion for Mastery is 180 rating = 1 mastery, so you have ~23.44 mastery from rating.

This is the value that gets diminished, and there is a curve that can be extracted from the game to determine how much it gets diminished. It does not start diminishing until you have 30 mastery from rating, which would be 5400 rating. And even then, it is a very gradual reduction.

For example, if you were to go up to 40 mastery from rating (7200 rating), that would be enough for DR to kick in, so you would actually only have 39 mastery. I think the way that the post describes it makes DR seem a lot bigger than it is. As you can see, 39 vs 40 mastery isn’t that big a difference.

To get the actual mastery value shown in game and that percentage that you see on our site, you then need to add the 8 base mastery that everybody has. So in your case, you have ~31.44 mastery. But then… every spec has a special multiplier that is applied to this value. For Mistweavers, that multiplier is 4.2.

31.44 * 4.2 = 132%.

Now our UI shows 134%, you probably have a talent or racial or something that adds a little bit, I didn’t check.

When that post you referenced says “You can’t get more than 126% from gear rating”… that is a bit of a confusing way to state it, and honestly I haven’t tested if there is a hard cap on how much mastery you can actually get from rating. They came up with this because there is a maximum value in the diminishing return curve, which would imply that the game clamps the maximum possible value at the last entry in the DR curve. That said, I think it is high enough that it never comes into play. But if we assume this cap is actually a “thing”, here is a clearer way to say it:

The maximum amount of mastery rating that you can get is 36,000. This would give you 36000 / 180 = 200 mastery. The diminishing returns curve will reduce this 200 mastery to 126.

Thus, your final in-game mastery percent on your character sheet for a Mistweaver would be:
(8 + 126) * 4.2 = 562.8%

Note that things like talents don’t diminish, so they can add on top of this. So yeah… you are safe :wink:

ok, thanks for clearing that up