Tooltip for essences is wrong

I’ve noticed that the tooltip for many of my essences are incorrect. is that why AMR don’t think i should use certain essences even tho all high ranked m+ players are. that the sim simulates with incorrect data? or is it just an error in what i see?
example vision of perfection rank 3. this is what i see in tooltip:
vision of perfection

it should be reduced by 25%. this is only an exemple. most of the essences show wrong numbers in different ways.

sorry. it’s the minor power i’m refering too here

Some of the essence tooltips are quite difficult to parse correctly… blizzard’s spell data for them is something of a mess.

Which spec is this for? It looks like maybe the tooltip in this case isn’t getting modified for your specific spec.

this was windwalker monk. sorry should have written that from the start