Top raiders using AMR?

I use BiB feature of AMR all the time and think it’s great but I don’t see any top raiders using the add-on? Is there a reason for this?

Yes, and the TLDR version is: stupid internet drama.

Most of the other theorycrafters out there are a part of the top end mythic raiding scene. They really don’t like having a competing source of information to their own theory, so they do whatever they can to persuade people not to use our website. Their tactics have no bounds - ranging from spreading flat-out lies to harassing people who use our website. It’s all very middle-school, but hey man, it’s the internet.

Combine this with the fact that world of warcraft is not as tightly tuned as most people would have you believe… (By this I mean, even if the “top end” raiders aren’t using the statistically optimal setup, they’ll still get the best parses as long as they are using something close.) So there is a ton of confirmation bias going on as well: these folks all buy into one way to play, so they all do it, and they then make the log data appear as if their way really is the only way. This allows them to further their propaganda machine that they have put together to squash any source of information that may provide alternate ideas.

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I do Mythique raiding with AMR and it handle it right. For example, even in my third spec (DPS) i was in in the top 3 dps on all Antorus Mythique raid (did 6/11). From my point of view it’s competitive and easy to use.
Currently ending the progress en hm with the AMR gearing as a healer and i’m ending first hps msot of the time.

So i can’t tell if i’m more “skill” than other player but doing the rotation simply (like the one on the wiki of AMR) help a lot.

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I know straight hps is not a great metric , but i have been using amr for a few years now and using only it and my own experimentation I have achieved some very high parses