Top trinket from Aberrus showing as a 4% loss (devoker)

Just wanna clarify if this is an error or not as the Neltharion trinket is (from other sources) reportedly very good.

What settings are you using? The value of that trinket will depend a lot on the number of targets that you specify since it only trigggers on AoE abilities.

Devoker procs it through fire breath, eternity surge, scintillation (iirc), which is used (essentially) on CD in AOE and ST. Basically there’s no situation where this trinket wouldn’t be a gain

I can adjust the trigger rate a bit more, see what happens.

edit: for single target, i think you’d really need scintillation to make the trinket good… otherwise the trigger rate would be too low.

I guess I’m just not understanding how there is about an 8% delta on the value of this trinket between AMR and raidbots with up to date APL. Understandably it’s early in the patch so maybe things aren’t precise, but this seems way off. There was also an issue last tier where I was recommended h spiteful storm over m icon. The reasoning for these discrepancies isn’t obvious to me at all /shrug

I’m assuming the value of the trinket varies quite a bit as you change talents in any model of the game, since the trigger rate makes a big difference.

Snapshot id: 2a9ebe42df7248438626cbabde5bd874

Also right now the Neltharion trinket is completely missing for my Demo Warlock

I’ll take a look, seems it got filtered out of the base item list.