Tranquil Necklace of Prophecy double stats

Hi !

Just repporting an error on this item :
BiB (i’ve creat the neck to see what he can do)


The problem here is :
There is two stats when here is only one in live (i’ve the mastery one on my caracter)
And the “heal” is too high ? It’s like 1500 on live ? (Didn’t try it properlly but the tool kit say around 1500)

Jewelcrafting neck items have more than one possible outcome when you make them; but you cannot choose what it will be… the one you got was ONE variant of many so you may want to stock up on gems to be able to make more to get a better stat. combination.

The version in BiS CAN be made in the game, you just have to take the chance that you will get that one. What helps is that if you make more than one of them, you can then choose which one is best for your way of playing & ‘obliterate’ (in the Obliterum Forge) the others to make Obliterum to upgrade the one you have to make it even better (the 8/8 part, in the item details).

AMR hasn’t got it wrong… it just knows that the BiS option CAN be made & is letting you know which one you need to aim for.

I totally agree with you but it can’t be Mastery and Critical Strike (i have mastery on it not crit & mastery), it’s one of them. Not both.
And i don’t think you can make 2520 crit. It’s around 1500 max if i’m not mistaken ?

@yellowfive Is the item variant guru and could speak best to whether that variant we are showing is real or not.

It is very difficult to know which variants are possible. The spell data doesn’t really tell you.

I could do like 10 of them and get you the result but anyway, with the 7.2.5 it will not be relevante as item i thinks. Let’s be patient for the next patch.

Could you tell me the exact stats that appear on the variant you have in-game, and also give me the bonus IDs on yours (which show up in small text at the bottom of tooltips on our site when you import your character from the addon – just mouse over the item equipped on your character in the Gear Explorer). With that I can try to figure out if we’re using a wrong bonus ID or something.