Transition to BfA Simulator

Very soon, we will be releasing a beta of our BfA simulator. Here are a few important notes about how the transition from the Legion to BfA simulator will go down:

  1. An open beta of the BfA simulator will become available.
  2. When the BfA pre-patch goes live, the Legion simulator will be retired. You can use the beta of the BfA simulator during this time.
  3. When BfA launches, the BfA simulator will come out of beta and go live.

What this means for you:

When the Legion simulator is retired, you will no longer have access to your reports, saved setups, rotations, boss scripts, etc. If you have anything that you want to keep for posterity, export/save it soon!

I thought you stored stuff forever for free?

We store an unlimited number of simulation reports, custom rotations/scripts, etc. at no charge when you use our simulator, with no time limit. (You should see some people’s simulation histories… thousands and thousands of entries…)

But… when a new expansion comes out, the game changes significantly, and we have to update the simulator and our systems accordingly. It would be prohibitively expensive to migrate all existing simulation data to the new format. So, this seems like a good time to make a clean transition over to the new BfA simulator and start fresh for everyone. It would be exceedingly rare that any Legion simulation reports would be interesting/useful in BfA and onward, so it’s a good time to do an update like this.

If you export a rotation or boss script, most of those should import into the new version of the simulator without problems.

If there is something that you really want to keep from Legion, post here and we can talk about it.


Keep up the great work cant wait for the beta SIM!!!

Are you at least keeping the Legion version active until Europe go into maintenance, or will we be unable to optimize the last day?

We will probably do the site update at the same time Blizzard does the update in the U.S. (so sometime between 7 AM PDT and 3 PM PDT on Tuesday, July 17th).

Once the update goes live, optimizing for pre-8.0 probably won’t work correctly – we unfortunately can’t really run two versions of the site at the same time, one in the U.S. and one in Europe. Hopefully there will only be a few hours where the version of AMR is not in sync with your version of WoW.


Did you ever release the beta in the end? or no point now considering how close we are?

I actually just put up an open beta of the BfA simulator at

And another note that I need to add: you’ll want to get addon version 58 from the beta website (link to it in the “hamburger” menu at the top-right) to import characters from the WoW beta or PTR. Version 58 will also go live with the pre-patch tomorrow on the Twitch app and the live website.

This phase of the open beta is focused on single simulations – all the batch simulation options will be added back in before BfA launches.

awesome thanks :smiley: