Tried to activate RUNE and blizz wants to disable AskMrRobot

Blizzard UI is trying to disable AMR addon. The most recent was when attempting to buff my character with an icon in my action bar. I have buttons assigned to drop food, cast spells, etc. I was in devastation spec, clicked my 100k rune from Emerald Dream and I get the error that Blizz wants to disable AMR. The issue is not linked to the rune as it happens at other times with using Q to jump forward on my Dracthyr or use an ability to cause damage. I disable AMR, problem goes away. I enable AMR, give it ‘some time’ and I’ll get the same message. Any ideas? I plan to completely remove AMR, clean up the WTF folder of any reference to AMR and reinstall.

I’m not sure exactly… our addon is pretty simple. It’s possible that some kind of action restricted while in combat is happening, though we don’t do much of anything in combat – perhaps some API change by Blizzard made an event fire during combat when it was not before. I can take a look but it’s hard to track down without being able to replicate it on my own character.

Totally makes sense. Let me gather some specific information on when it happens. I’ll get you some details.

I poked through the code a bit… we don’t handle many events that would trigger in combat, so I’ll see if I can test some of them.

Perhaps they changed something around the combat logging APIs – do you use the feature to automatically turn on/off combat logging?