Trinket - Cache of Acquired Treasures - Under-rated by Mr Robot perhaps

Bloodmallet rates this trinket as BiS for single-target (Patchwerk) for DH Havoc (my one is ilvl 265) but Mr Robot gear selector rates it very much lower (-2.81%) than both 239 trinkets I have already got (Salvaged Fusion Amplifier and Tormented Rack Fragment). Simc also rates this new trinket as much better in this type of fight (more than 1% extra dps). Is this perhaps a bug in Mr Robot?

Looking at the Theorycraft Wiki there’s a note saying it isn’t implemented yet.
So for now just lock it in one of your trinket slots and let the robot optimise around it.

Just reading the trinket tells me nothing about how it works!
What does it do when you use it?
_With further reading it looks like you can’t just use it, you have to wait until it’s available. Is that correct?
I assume it’s just a damage buff but nothing is listed on Wowhead for the use effect.

There is a comment with some into about how it works, I suspect it wasn’t clear how it would work when it was on the PTR. I’m sure the AMR team will work out a way of implementing it when they have enough data.

It sounds like the player can choose which buff, of the three, to get but to do so you’ll have to watch the buff you have. Does the trinket icon change to which weapon the buff will get?
This sounds annoying to implement, which is best will depend on the class and what stage of a fight you’re at. If haste is good for you you’ll want the sword buff, but if you’re about to kill an add, to push a phase, then you’re standing around with a haste buff and nothing to hit!

Also you won’t be able to just mindlessly press it on CD if you want to optimise it, the comment notes that a DH can get the full ten stacks with Eye Beam, which sounds great but if you’ve already pressed that button before the trinket was ready/had the correct weapon, that doesn’t help.
So do you delay Eye Beam until the trinket is ready?
How long would you wait?
Will you lose an Eye Beam by waiting? Would that simulate out better?

I don’t know how SimC has implemented it, I’m guessing they’ll be using it with Eye Beam and sword - as that’s optimal - but do they hold the Eye Beam for when the trinket is ready?

Very helpful info indeed Cluey! I ran the AMR sim and of course it never used it in the fight at all - and it does make me wonder too how simc did it! Wowprogess sees a smaller dps decrease than AMR and so I am guessing it is guessing! Finally how on earth Bloodmallet comes to the conclusion that it is the BiS trinket is obviously questionable now given the inherent simulation difficulties.Thank-you!

I believe this is one of the trinkets that we couldn’t test on PTR – I’ll have Swol take a look and see if we can get an estimate for it soon.

Yeah, I had no reliable data/info to work off of in order to implement this trinket. I’ll give it a shot now that it is out there in the wild.

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This trinket still seems undervalued in amr, and its smaller part of the breakdown in a simulation then ingame aswell. Did you ever get around to updating it?

I implemented it. I randomly pick one of the weapons to give it an average value. It is possible you could get more value by specifically picking certain weapon(s) most of the time.

Wouldn’t it be better implemented trying to use it with Axe for an incoming aoe since that seems to be its primary benefit in a m+ scenario?

It seems like a pretty random trinket… you could get unlucky and not have an axe to pick from when you want it. I thought that giving is an average value for ranking purposes seemed fair - and then people can adjust that ranking via the customize tools if they think they can make better use of it.