Trinket Choices

I have only recently started using Mr.Robot to help choose my gear for my Mistweaver Monk (Mythic+ and Raiding) for the most part it has been great and I have noticed my HPS increase.

One thing confuses me though, He keeps insisting for my Raid healing set that I should use my iLvL 860 Fluctuating Energy over some of my higher iLvl trinkets with large stat values on them such as my Flask of the Solemn Night which is iLvl 895, I get the value of the mana regen mechanic on my lower iLvl trinket, but would like to know if i’m correct to override this, feel like I might be missing something.

Any advice welcome :slight_smile: I am a simming noob!

If you feel like you are running out of mana a lot, go with the mana trinket. If you aren’t, you could use the other one. Haste is a really weak stat for Mistweavers, which is probably also why the flask of solemn night ranks low despite the item level.

The current simulations and gear advice is for a fight with a lot of damage in which you are limited by your mana - and mistweavers are very mana-limited compared to other specs to begin with.

I have had decent results (resto druid) simming a much shorter fight than the defaults. Something around 120s has given me stat and gear recommendations close to what I find from other sources. With the resto druid spread healing rotation, the sim starts to really oom at around 100s or so, so 120 seems to give some mana limitation, but not 3 minutes of fumes healing that a 5 minute fight would give. I still replace the weights with my own for resto, but much less modification is needed, and trinket suggestions match my expectations more closely.

The question of when to use mana trinks is a personal one, but they are more powerful than their item level indicates (generally) if you can use the mana (and MW can almost always use more mana). Also, with suggestions based on mana-limited fight sims, haste will be of even lower value for MW, since a lot of haste’s throughput comes at the expense of more mana consumption (as opposed to druid, where much more of our throughput comes from hots).