Trinket is flagged only as healertrinket

It seems the trinket Voidmender’s Shadowgem from Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is incorrectly flagged only for healers so it does not show up in upgradefinder or best in slot for any dps specs that could be using it.

We can change that – I wonder if they patched it since I implemented it during PTR, or if I just read it incorrectly!

on the other side you recommend my Warlock the Conjured Chillglobe Trinket that is only Obtainable for Healers ^^

Yeah those trinkets… always a toss-up whether to include them or not. Theoretically you could obtain one if someone traded it to you, but most people won’t get it.

That said, I don’t see it ranking very high for warlocks… if you post a snapshot of your specific case we can take a look.