Trinket ratings - how can we explain this?

The above picture is when the raid buff “sunder armor” (amongst all others) are ticked on.

Now when I tick the “sunder armor” off, I get a completely different trinket. Logically it should be the other way around, since you are close to armor debuff capped with sunder armor.

I also dont get in the picture below that mr robot recommends the DFT trinket, but when I hit the trinket dashboard to check how it stands VS the rest, there are others from Naxx who offer more dps, but isnt chosen?

I would need you to use the help link and then post the snapshot id that gets generated. I can’t recreate this exact scenario without knowing all of your settings. I tried just a generic combat spec rogue and changed only sunder armor and saw no change in the trinkets with default settings.