Trinket: Wind-Up Utility Pylon

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I will preface stating I am aware that you are hoping to have all trinkets/essences/etc. implemented by this Tuesday, however, I am not seeing the above trinket in the gear listings at all.

Received this trinket ilvl 425 from Pascal-K1N6’s Extraordinary Adventurer Augment. Warforged from 420.

Currently is being ranked (I’m assuming due to the strength?) slightly lower than a 370 Jes’ Howler despite better on-use (more vers that decays, 90 sec cd on wind-up vs less vers on 2 min cd on jes’).

Also, doesn’t even show up in the standard trinket listing. Seems like it would be a decent trinket so would be great to have it implemented.

Thanks for all you do!

I’ll take a look… I think those items got filtered out because they have been hanging out in the item data since BfA beta, but weren’t implemented until this patch. I’ll re-filter them and rank/implement the special effects on them.