Trinkets... poor littles trinkets

Heyo !

So… i play dps on my monk and BiB seems to keep the trinket “Stone Legion Heraldry” even if other trinket seems better… Even considering the 5% stats from other trinket in the group. Could you take a look ?


Probably a parameters i’ve changed that cause that … Idk.
Simulation with Stone legion Heraldry
Simulation with another trinket

Love your work ! =D

This is probably a case of: too close to tell. All those trinkets are really close in value - so it’s hard to always exactly pick the one that will simulate slightly higher in a particular spot simulation test. In general, I have come to prefer following the optimizer model as opposed to one-off simulation tests. The optimizer’s rankings are a smoothed out version of the data from the simulator.

We’re going to be re-calculating all the gearing strategies going into 9.1 anyway, so we’ll see what happens when we do that.

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Thank you very mutch sire !