Trouble with BiB vs Pawn % upgrade

I ran a BiB for my mistweaver monk. Copied AMR gear suggestion completely , including azurite traits, gems and enchants. Exported the updated gear set to AMR again, ran BiB again and came out with an exact match. Great Right . I imported the pawn string to the appropriate scale.

Now I see items in my bags that show % upgrades that I am not wearing for mistweaver. Specifically one item is a chest , all azurite traits unlocked on both chest, the one I am wearing and the one that says 15% upgrade. why is this ? The chest BiB recommended that I am wearing is 360 ilvl and the chest in my bag is 375 and says 15% upgrade but BiB wont pick it . Why? plz help.

Pawn only looks at stats, and does not consider azerite traits, trinket procs, etc. It also uses a simplistic stat weight model (your score is literally just amount of stat times the weight for it). We use a much more thorough and complex statistical model to value different combinations of stats more accurately.

Bottom line: if you’re using best in bags, that’s the best answer you’ll get. Pawn is just a quick and limited way to ballpark whether an item might be worth keeping or not.