Trying still to understand AMR filters

All I’m trying to do is run M+ low keys. I run AMR at least three times every evening. Nothing works to get me an invite. WTH is a veiled crystal in your filters. Maybe that’s what is holding me up?

I’m not sure that the suggested gear will have anything to do with whether or not you get an invite. It can be hard to get into mythic groups no matter what gear you have - lots of people only want people who have already beaten hard keys.

Where do you see veiled crystal in the filters? Which filters?

Probably the enchant quality filter – no veiled crystals means no enchants that require veiled crystals, the more expensive enchanting reagents.

All – any enchant is allowed
Weapon + Cheap Ring – any weapon enchant and any cheap ring enchant (the +27 stat enchants) is allowed
No Veiled Crystals – pretty much only the cheap ring enchants… might be some cheaper weapon enchants too, can’t recall
None – don’t use any enchants

Most people go for Weapon + Cheap Ring, because the cost to go up to the +37 ring enchants over the +27 is not worth the tiny gain.


Thank you yellowfive. You’ve helped me a lot through my many years of subscribing to AMR