Turn on Warforged/Titanforged?

Just a question, in the Upgrade Finder how Can I see watforget/titanforged? items, or must I use the Best in Bags search to check that?

They removed that option, I wish they had kept it. Hopefully it will come back someday

You can look at the ranking for a warforged item in the Gear Check or Best in Slot gear lists - you have to choose the item and modify it to the variant that you want to see.

We decided to go that direction because we were slowing everything down by ranking tons of items that most people didn’t care about.

We might revisit that decision or try to create some other type of tool to check/rank warforged gear - but we want to avoid ranking thousands and thousands of items each time you click a button when it isn’t really ending up being useful for most of them.

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