Tutorial for setting up tank sims

On the old forums, I saw you guys post a really great infographic of how to use custom batch sims to see what M+ level I should be simming at to check my tank and his stat priorities. I was just looking for it in the blog so I could mess around with it again, but couldn’t find it. Any chance I could get a link to the blog post so I don’t look silly asking again? Thanks again for everything!

Sure thing, the inforgraphic is at the bottom of this post: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/gearing-strategy/

A note on that, you can try the ‘V2 gearing strategy’ in the sim type drop down instead of the regular gearing strategy. It’s an improved approach (but is still in beta).

I should probably tag it for tanks, I didn’t think of that!

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Thanks for getting back to me.

The problem I have with just following that guide is that trying to sim with Ursoc at +6 gives me weird values like stamina not being worth anything. The post I’m referencing was something Yellowfive mentioned, where because the difficulty wasn’t challenging enough for the gear, the sim wasn’t going to be accurate (I’m very roughly paraphrasing, the explanation could totally be something else). Yellow then linked something (or maybe just talked about?) a way to use custom batches to see your chance of death at different gear levels, resimming at higher M+ levels if your chance of death was too low, and using that to help determine what M+ you should use for. Does any of that sound familiar?

Yeah we can put together an updated guide on that and post it up. I’m also working on some general improvements to tanking gearing strategies that should make them less “weird” when you simulate fights that aren’t very threatening to your character.

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In the meantime, i believe this http://imgur.com/a/oSSfn is the infographic you were looking for.


That is! Thank you so much!

Thank you i got some useful information! :slight_smile::wink: